The History of Coffee Tables

Originally, the coffee table was put in a place where people could drink tea. Yep, you read that right! Tea was one of the most popular drinks when the table was the first evented, and the table that people rested their cups on between sips was called a ‘tea table.’ Eventually, the scale slid back into coffee’s favor, and the table was renamed to the coffee table.

Coffee shops began popping up all over Europe, and soon the coffee table had entered the home as well. Originally, the tea and coffee tables were around twenty-seven inches tall, but their height changed to around 20 inches when they became more for homes than restaurants.

The definition of a coffee table around the 1940s was “A low wide table set before a sofa” and that definition hasn’t changed much in the modern era. People still use coffee tables for gatherings, and it’s a table where people can lay out snacks, drinks, and other items while engaging in conversation.

What they are made out of

Most coffee tables are made out of wood, stainless steel, and aluminum, and can have wood or glass plating to hold items. Coffee tables were created and built in a variety of ways and styles as history marched on, with their craftsmen changing with the times.

The coffee tables went from simple to elegant and back again, and in the modern times, it’s not uncommon to see some mid century coffee tables in long beach right next to a more modern coffee table. For buyers, all that matters is if the coffee table matches the aesthetic of the home. Depending on the home and the other furniture, all sorts of coffee tables are bought and made.

Coffee table accessories

But having a bare coffee table won’t do much for the conversation, even if there’s a crowd around it. This is where coffee table accessories came into play, and some of the accessories are even built into the table itself.

For example, a coffee foosball table can be used to draw people into a game or impromptu tournament. You might not be able to set beverages on it, but you’ll at least get a fun game! Coffee table books, which are large picture books that can help inspire conversation, also can serve to get people talking. Most coffee table books have little text and are designed to be flipped through for a light read, and most of them contain photos.

Other accessories can be flowers, candles, or books. All the accessory needs to do is inspire some light conversation and tie the room together, so it can be anything.

They can be anything

Seeing as how the history of coffee tables has them go from being tea tables to coffee tables, and even cocktail tables in some circumstances, it’s hard to pin down a true example of a coffee table. With that ambiguity, comes the freedom to pick out the design that you want. So as long as the table brings people together, that’s all you need.