Protect Your Home Against Fire Devastation With a Smoke Detector

A smoke detector is a simple device that detects smoke. This small device has proven itself beneficial over the years, having a part in saving countless families from fire damage, injury, and devastation. Smoke detectors are regulated and required by New Jersey state legislature.

Besides, as valuable as Smoke detectors Stanhope NJ are, you shouldn’t be so willing to risk the consequences that can erupt without the device.

Facts to Ponder

A few tidbits of information that might be of interest to you:

·    Most fire deaths occur between 11 pm. And 7 a.m., the time that most people are in bed asleep.

·    Each floor in the home should have at least (preferably more) one working smoke detector.

·    The risk of dying in a house fire is reduced when there is a working smoke detector in the home.

·    One out of every three house fires deaths involved homes without a working smoke detector installed.

Smoke detectors Stanhope NJ

·    Many smoke detectors can be installed in the home to provide peace of mind and protection.

Smoke Detector Maintenance

Like any other product, a smoke detector must be used correctly to provide results. Furthermore, proper maintenance is also important. Test the smoke detector once per month and check the batteries, too. Keep in mind that the smoke detector should be replaced once every 10 years, unless the unit is damaged or broken before this time. Each bedroom needs a smoke detector installed, as well as the kitchen and the main living area or family room.

A properly working smoke detector is a vital piece of protection for any homeowner who wants to stay safe against fire and fire damage. Use the information above to protect yourself & the people that you love the most from the risks that a fire brings.